Welcome to your new life

Everyone has to deal with life experiences in his/her life. As a spiritual coach, Henriette can be used for various purposes, as long as it can improve the quality of life. Her work experiences in 20 years are personal coaching, but also coach for relationship problems, for bereavement counseling and bereavement. Through Re-Feel Lifestyle, Henriette wants to continue to work for those who really want to continue developing their own talents.

The proceeds will therefore go to the MaTCH Talenten Foundation, in which her own two children / young adults with disabilities want to discover their own Talent by deploying themselves in a service-oriented way. Everyone can indicate for themselves where they need coaching.

Personal coaching

  • Disappointments in general in life
  • Themes such as heartbreak or loss of loved ones
  • Having high expectations of yourself or imposed on them by third parties
  • Anxiety and low self-confidence
  • Feeling overwrought
  • Being overworked
  • Anyone who wants to personally develop / rediscover themselves can request a reading.

Group consultation

You can book a group consultation together with your loved one or friends. You can even book me with a large group.

How we work

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Age

Additional options

  • Energy-rich objects such as jewelry
  • Photos
  • Flowers

A collection of impressions, properties or events will first be described in writing before a conversation will take place. Then there is room to ask the coach 3 questions, which have already been written down in advance but have not yet been shared. 1 online session will be 50 minutes and the costs for this are €75 (to be paid in advance when booking). Consultations within Spiritual Center at James Wattstraat can be requested via info@refeellifestyle.com. This can also be requested per group of up to 6 people.