My dream started in 1971 and I published my first book in 2014.

This is my story!

Henriette was born in 1971 in a small village in North-East Friesland, the youngest of 6 children. Henriette Christina Betty is named after 3 special powerful ladies Stiena and Betty, two aunts and grandmother of her mother, Hendrikje, and she inherited all the talents that these ladies had. They were creative, enterprising and always thinking in terms of solutions.

She lost her dear father at a young age and this event was hugely impressive, because while there was literally 10 km between father and daughter, Henriette developed the same illness as her dying father. Henriette therefore knew at a young age that she was different from her classmates.
The training that Henriette subsequently followed is also very diverse and diverse. For example, she has learned to do the bookkeeping herself, she is now a budget coach, she has completed a technical training, which also allows her to reason analytically, and as a CPR teacher she has learned how to transfer knowledge.

In 2000 and 2004 she gave birth to two sweet boys, both of whom have congenital disabilities. Henriette has had to give a lot of time and energy to the boys, to take on the guidance towards special education and the care tasks herself, she has gained a lot of work experience, so that she could assist other parents in their search in the country of concern.
Henriette has always liked to make aura paintings with colors and shapes, this gave her a distraction that in times of worry for her children, always relaxation. While making aura paintings, she discovered that the letters of your first name could be linked to qualities - talents. In 2014, the time had come for a book called “The value of a name”, written by Henriette herself, to be self-published.

Heal with Re-Feel
In 2016, Henriette founded her own company Kids Zorgcoach and took her book to family in Canada. Unfortunately, emigrated family members could no longer learn Dutch.
Together with her family, Henriette has therefore translated and rewritten her book and in 2019 it was a fact that her book “The value of a name” was also published by herself.
In the meantime Henriette had set up her own foundation called MaTCH Talenten in the Netherlands / Leeuwarden together with other care parents because her children needed a sheltered workshop - after a period of school.And to be visible and approachable, there are two locations in Leeuwarden where second-hand products can be obtained, but also new products and a souvenir shop have been set up, where the boys (and also other children with disabilities) can gain self-reliance, independence, self-confidence and also follow education in the talents who want to develop themselves.

A concept has been devised for this, that young people themselves have to think in terms of possibilities because they have enough limitations. Henriette has always wanted to give an example to her children, but also to her family and friends, to think in terms of possibilities, by thinking socially enterprising herself and then also acting.
Because both children were to provide care guidance themselves, it was not possible to travel a lot and/or to stay away from the shops many times, which is why a way has been devised in a relaxed manner and with great pleasure, especially for the young people. invented a card game that can partly serve as tarot cards. And to explain this, participants can watch - listen to - the meaning via YouTube channel. All 52 cards are described by color, shape, the tree drawing on the card, the number and the function mentioned on the card, in the 4 color system.
Just as the books are written, this card game is also Henriette's own product. And our own products have not stopped there, because in 2020 our own body mist fragrance line was added. Especially the "air of flowers" is Henriette's favorite scent, it gives peace, insight & gives space in terms of breathing.
Henriette likes to work with symbolism. Minerals and stones are especially important to Henriette. Stones that help with processes and that have a healing effect. That is why you can often find Henriëtte in her brick shop in the Talentenloods at James Wattstraat 2a in Leeuwarden.

Dreams came true
Now in 2022, Henriette has taken up her dream, her mission by setting up Re-Feel Lifestyle, so that the foundation will soon need its own space, where you can work and live with her children.
Henriette would like to give insights and advice to all people who are looking for quality improvement in their lives and while she collectively amazes all those present in a cheerful way, Henriette enjoys the most.
How is it possible to have knowledge of many people, while everyone can sit comfortably in the crowd? Then come and enjoy yourself and recognize your characteristics and those of your friends, your colleagues and/or your loved ones, enjoy your beautiful qualities and get appreciation in return.

  • Reading after showing the photo / object
  • Reading the date of birth
  • Reading the name
  • Consultation in case of burnout
  • Trauma counseling
  • Personal essential oils consultation
  • Advice on minerals/stones
  • Guidance in the shop 

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