For over 20 years I have wanted to use my talent to help other people, which is why I started Re-Feel Lifestyle. While gaining experience as a medium and coach, I devised a method to use the letters of your first name to explain which talents / positive qualities you have and how you can propagate them. I would like everyone to participate in this working and thinking method and call it part of Re-Feel Lifestyle.

Re-Feel Lifestyle

  • RE because we may develop again from our birth characteristics, in all purity and sincerity.
  • FEEL because we are allowed to feel (work and act) from our hearts.
  • LIFESTYLE because we allow ourselves a happy, healthy but above all stable life where the direction is in our own hands, all this by being able to seek and maintain balance.

My mission is to create awareness of your beautiful personality. Through my blogging and making videos I will take you with me; by providing insights, discussing problems, thinking in terms of solutions and sharing my personal experiences.

My goal is to travel for Re-Feel Lifestyle, but for now you can still see us in Leeuwarden at the TalentenLoods and the Talentenwinkel of Stichting MATCH Talenten. All proceeds go to children/young adults with (multiple) disabilities, arranging care and training for care children and their parents.

Why? I am a mother of two boys, each with his limitations. They both followed special education and because I think it is so important that everyone (including them) should have the opportunity to develop, I started with a group of students to carry out these projects.

I hope that everyone who allows themselves a personal development may experience strength and love through their participation and / or contribution.




Essential Oil Expert

My name is Hendrika. After I came to a standstill after an intensive period of my work for the government, I have become powerful and full of life because I myself have conducted a search for essential oils. My heart goes out to everyone who is struggling with injustice, with health problems and who is suffering mentally.

Livio Kujur

Livio Kujur

Web Designer

I work with Re-Feel Lifestyle in collaboration to keep the website up to date. I am from Mauritius Island, a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean.

Everyone has talents and I would like to use my expertise in Henriëtte's team.

By supporting Henriëtte I would like to help her build a community where everyone is respected and a mirror is shown how special we are already by birth.

My mission is to help small businesses represent themselves online without paying high prices...

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