The Value of A Name

Heneriette has seen, heard and perceived a lot of things through years of experience as a medium and personal coach. For her it is high time she shares her knowledge with you. Thinking about the possibilities instead of the obstacles is one of her personal strengths.

This book makes name divination accessible for everyone that wants to discover more about themselves. This book will not only give you insight into your positive characteristics, but also explain the characteristics that makes life difficult for you.

Good luck on your journey

This book will function as your personal coach, step by step you will learn to divine your own name. By recognizing and comprehending your own strength and weaknesses you will gain positive energy, making you feel less conscience about your insecurities.

Name divination for dummies is the beginning of a new way of thinking and acting, but most of all a new way of recognizing your own potential, it will inspire and motivate you. Good luck on your journey to wisdom and personal insight!

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