Our Mission

Together with our three companies; Re-Feel Lifestyle, MaTCH Talenten and Kids Care Coach our mission is to let everyone see and feel their beautiful personality coming back to the here and now.

Re-Feel Lifestyle

Re-Feel Lifestyle is located at the TalentenLoods and the Talentenwinkel of the MaTCH Talenten Foundation. All proceeds go to children/young adults with (multiple) disabilities, arranging care and training for care children and their parents. Below we will tell you everything about our two foundations. Our goal is to travel with Re-Feel Lifestyle, will you help us achieve the goal?

Happy Parents

Bringing talents further in their competences by offering them work and training, that is the goal of MaTCH Talents. As a result, the Talents develop more self-reliance and they get a more tailored introduction to society. In this way they can participate in society in a dignified and as equal manner as possible. By stimulating their possibilities, we contribute in a positive way to the development of children and society.

Stichting MaTCH Talenten is an organization in Leeuwarden that is committed to children and young adults with single/multiple disabilities. We call our target group Talents. The MaTCH Talenten Foundation consists of three board members and a team of 15 volunteers. Of course there is always room within our foundation for even more enthusiastic volunteers.

The mission of our foundation is to let the children develop further. The possibilities of our Talents are explicitly examined. Opportunities for the growth of independence go hand in hand with the development of what is already positively present in the child. It is essential for the children to further develop themselves after special education.

Happy kids

As a Kids Care Coach, I regularly step into a family's life... for various reasons. There is always 1 main reason to do this; there are children who need my interaction through one of the parent(s). And often there is a lot of injustice and misunderstanding going on. Especially if the parent has been wrongly accused and especially if this so-called fact is always charged.