Minerals are the marker items from nature, which could be used to support processes in personal development. From my work experiences I have many positive experiences that stones can mean to strengthen processes.
Crystals, no matter how small or how big they are, each have their own meaning.
We at Re-Feel Lifestyle let the stones do their supporting tasks, by letting the effect that the stones are known for shine, equal to the positive qualities of the person who asks for it.
In this way, the Lapis Lazuli helps to improve your relationship with yourself but also with the other, by being clear in your words, or by asking for clarity from the other person.

Lapis Lazuli will also stop negative energy, such as envy and jealousy.

It protects you from negative influences and thoughts.

The color of the stone (= blue) stands for overview and insight. In short, this stone would be very suitable for those who

  • Being anxious in general and wanting to let this feeling subside
  • Wanting to make fear of failure disappear
  • Don't want to be bothered by prejudice anymore
  • To reduce uncertainty
  • Wanting to get peace by getting clarity
  • Want to experience more joy in life
  • Reduces depressive thoughts

My experience is that we humans like to use visible and touchable items to remind us of our goal. Especially when it comes to emotions such as fear and/or negative self-image. It is important to convert negative activities into a positive mindset. So we sell minerals because I believe in the effect of the stones. Energy that the stones give off can be very beneficial for the moods for us as humans.
From my work experiences I have learned many positive qualities that stones can do for us, for those who want to work on personal victories.

Our collection
In our shop located at James Wattstraat 2-A in Leeuwarden, there are many different stones available. To find out which stone is right for you, it is necessary to discover the cause of your complaints. Once we know that, we will only know which stone is right for you. We can also supply essential oils that can help you, possibly in combination with a stone. That is why I like to inform you well before selling a stone.
If you have medical complaints, in any form whatsoever, it is of course always wise to contact a general practitioner before you want to purchase a stone. Stones can take away many complaints, but unfortunately not everything.
Read in our monthly blog which processes can be expected per month, we will also link a stone and essential oil to this. Do you have specific questions about stones or about essential oils? Then don't hesitate and feel free to write an email to Henriette and her team.