Ready for positive self-development

At Re Feel Lifestyle, your personality is central. And positive thoughts are a must (an important condition). Thinking in possibilities, in what we can achieve and stop thinking in impossibilities. This is also what I want to wish you, that's why re feel lifestyle was created for those who want to do positive self-development. Feel again and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. In the past 22 years, through my gift, I have already helped many who, like you, wanted to become aware of their own beautiful properties. And the great thing is that we all already provide so many beautiful properties.

The Value of a Name

By devising a methodology for yourself, you now have the opportunity to read back your personal beautiful qualities in my book Name Explanation in Dummy Language in Dutch and in ''The Value of a Name''. If you are done with depressed thoughts, fears or nights lying awake with busy thoughts and if you are looking for joy in life and want balance in your life, then you have come to the right place at refeellifestyle. A scan can only be made if you give your call sign and your date of birth. And that's why I'm offering you my help as a counselor to help you change your lifestyle. Get negative thoughts out of your system and use positive possibilities where your focus can be placed. Without knowing you, I am able to name personal characteristics about you.

How special is it to recognize yourself in a description that can be done on the basis of your nickname and/or your birth name, all this without us meeting each other? How special is it to be able to name additional properties based on your date of birth without me having met you before? I am able to do this because I have devised a system to "read" everyone. In the past I still needed painting materials to make an aura painting of a person, now I can also name your characteristics based on your name and date of birth. As you may have read on this website, I have written a book entitled Name Explanation in Dummy Language and ''The Value of a Name''. In addition, spiritual cards have also been made to inspire you daily. A guide on how to focus. Would you like to book a consultation as a result of reading my book or cards yourself, that is possible via a booking via whats app.

Book a consultation

Ofcourse it is also possible to book a consultation first and if afterwards you want to discover for yourself or for your loved ones, you can still order my book and I will personally sign it for you.

Re Feel Lifestyle offers even more possibilities:

Personal coach: Personal coaching regarding your own journey

Group consultation: You can book a group consultation together with your loved one or friends. You can even book me with a large group.

Business meeting: Then look at…. You can use me for your business yourself. Positivity back in your company? How do I teach my colleagues to hold up a positive mirror? Team building will be done in a playful and comical way. Speaking up and, above all, giving a positive twist to your personnel policy.

Re-Feel Lifestyle will be the solution for you. As a result of the above, have you become curious about what I can say about you based on your nickname, birth name or date of birth? Then don't hesitate and contact me and my team. We are ready for you!

Team Re-Feel Lifestyle and a warm greeting from Henriette / Hetty de Metty