The cards will guide you

Just as the books are written, this card game is also Henriette's own product. And our own products have not stopped there, because in 2020 our own body mist fragrance line was added. Especially the "Air of flowers" is Henriette's favorite scent, it gives peace, insight & gives space in terms of breathing.
Henriette likes to work with symbolism. Minerals are especially important to Henriette. Stones that help with processes and that have a healing effect.


That is why you can often find Henriëtte in her brick shop in the Talentenloods at James Wattstraat 2a in Leeuwarden.
Now in 2022, Henriette has taken up her dream, her mission by setting up Re-Feel Lifestyle, so that the Foundation will soon need its own space, where you can work and live with her children.
Henriette would like to give insights and advice to all people who are looking for quality improvement in their lives and while she collectively amazes all those present in a cheerful way, Henriette enjoys the most.


There are 4 different color series:

  • Blue: insight and overview
  • Orange: guidance and advice
  • Rose : love and passion
  • Green : develop and grow

52 cards: You can play all kinds of card games with it.
13 cards per color: number of weeks in 1 quarter
Each series has been given its own tree of growth
2 x 26 (2 x the entire alphabet) 1x lower case letter 1x upper case letter
4 jokers have been added (each color has its own animal)
Each card has its own function (description)
The most important thing is that there is recognition for your own process.

And then you are asked to focus on your personal development opportunities
If you would like to learn on your own time, it is nice to watch the videos on Youtube.