dōTERRA comes from Latin and means 'Gift of the Earth'. dōTERRA essential oils are the purest and safest pure essential oils available. dōTERRA is constantly researching, improving, and developing new products with scientists and physicians. dōTERRA's essential oils are 100% natural. They are carefully extracted from plants, at the perfect time and by experienced farmers around the world, so that the oil has just the right composition and efficiency.
Each oil is extensively tested according to the CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) protocol. dōTERRA is the only company that is completely open about what's in their bottles. Hendrika

Essential Oil Expert

My name is Hendrika, I am the essential oil expert from Re-Feel Lifestyle. After I came to a standstill after an intensive period of my work for the government, I have become powerful and full of life because I myself have conducted a search for essential oils. Like Henriette, I would like to serve, but on a qualitative level so that my help has a real effect for the fellow man, but also for the animals. My heart goes out to everyone who is struggling with injustice, with health problems and who is suffering mentally.

Because I would like to make a positive contribution to society and especially have the courage to start feeling again, I would like to recommend Re-Feel Lifestyle to them.

Together with Henriette we try to locate where the life experiences have left us stumbling and where there are opportunities to get better/feel better yourself. Personally, I am very happy with the Do'Terra products, which I have been using successfully for 5 years now and have already advised many thousands of customers.

From the TalentenLoods and the Talentenwinkel of Stichting MaTCH Talenten you can book us for a Do'Terra workshop or come by for more information about our oil. Through Re-Feel Lifestyle I hope to reach many more people who, like me, also have the desire to enrich themselves with pure natural materials and thus let their body recover in a natural way. My job is not to act as a doctor, but as an expert I can indicate which resources can support your process.