The wellbeing of the company

I like to let your employees rediscover their own beautiful qualities because people (and their commitment) are your most valuable assets of your organization. The fact that your employees have the inspiration that may be breathed in by the managers makes it a wise investment to hire us for a business meeting or for our Hetty de Metty show.

Business meeting

You can use me for your business yourself. Positivity back in your company? How do I teach my colleagues to hold up a positive mirror? Team building will be done in a playful and comical way. Speaking up and, above all, giving a positive twist to your personnel policy.

Hetty de Metty

Through a show of 2x 1 hour (part of the day), all colleagues will start to think positively about themselves and each other at the same time. By pointing out where the talents (positive qualities), more fun will come back, but the will to cooperate will also increase.

  • Appreciation within the company
  • A positive workflow within the company
  • The work will be done faster
  • The work will be done more efficiently
  • No pressure within the company but as a wonderfull challenge
  • Make your employees feel more valued and more empowered
  • Reduce absenteeism due to illness or staying away from a negative work environment

The impact of Hetty de Metty

The biggest gain will be that people know how to find each other in the event of problems or issues, so that work will be done more efficiently and that collaboratorship (and the coherence with it) will improve.

Hetty de Metty (Henriette's alter ego) can handle large numbers given the program in the form of a theater show. Hetty de Metty's way of working is effective for everyone present. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate interactively from their own seat.

The show also includes a book "Value of A Name" (international book written by Henriette).